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WARSON & CHUDY: Jump On It EP (2014)

Jump On It Chudy WarsonChudy and Warson have spent so long wading through 90s pop hits looking for something to edit in a funky breaks style in recent years that they can often be found wearing thigh-length red PVC boots. The Jump On It EP finds them at it again – kicking off with Warson leaping astride Ginuwine’s Pony and applying a breakbeat whip. Chudy provides the best cut with an eminently listenable funky rework of Destiny’s Child’s Bug A Boo but then things get all a bit post-modern for the monkey. Instead of making early 90s Euro-pop sound funky, Warson makes Tuxedo’s electro-funk ‘Do It’ sound like early 90s Euro-pop. Yeah, I know. Not to be outdone, Chudy goes large on the house piano on his second track. And when I say ‘house piano’ – I am not referring to the piano that belongs to the ‘house.’ In instances such as this, it is crucial to remember that, in the same way that Charlie don’t surf, the monkey don’t house…
(Out now on Tru:Funk)

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