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VOODOOCUTS: Studs 45 (Breaking Dog b/w Voodoo’s Boogaloo)(Vinyl 7″)

VOODOOCUTS: Studs 45[RATING: 5] Remix fire on the new Studs 45 from Voodoocuts which finds our man reinvigorating a pair of ancient bangers with classic drum breaks. First up is Breaking Dog on which a slice of old soul gets supercharged with the Bongo Band’s Apache drum break. Voodoocuts, it seems, wants everybody to get up, feel like he feels and hold their hands up. Job done – with bells on! Over on the other side a bit of classic Latin boogaloo gets supercharged with Ray Baretto’s Right On drum break. That’ll be Voodoo’s Boogaloo which’ll most definitely cause a to-do among the Latin soul crew – not to mention the party breaks crowd. Step on it if you want a copy though – the wax has sold out on the Voodoocuts Bandcamp and there are only two copies left on Discogs. You better hope Juno copped a few!
(Out now)

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