VOODOOCUTS: Chop In To Love (2013) Free download

[RATING: 5] Oohhh – now that is dirt! Filthy wah-wah, reverbed claps and a chugging seventies funk groove to die for – not to mention the tag team of soul sister vocals encouraging the listener to “Taste my lovin” and a bass-voiced soul brother interpolating with such observations as, “Hot damn!” and “Take a lunge – take a plunge”. It’s an edit of course from his rework majesty Voodoocuts (formerly also Voodoofunk) but who is he reworking? The Undisputed Truth perhaps? Some sort of lesser known George Clinton or Bootsy-affiliated side project maybe? No. Etta James. Etta fucking James? Etta ‘Something’s Got A Hold On Me’ James? Yep – that Etta James. Maybe you should tell mama. After downloading and thanking the man of course…

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