VARIOUS: Carnibal Records 001(2012)

I may have said this before but I’ve got a playlist on my iTunes called “When this is full enough get Serato.’’ It’s not full yet but this is definitely going to boost the numbers since every track on here is going on it. Why? Because everyone involved on this four-track collection of Latin breaks has produced such a banger this is essentially a miniature digital carnival. Or even carnibal. Palov’s contribution is Not A Typical Jamaican and with what is basically Latin dancehall he’s not shitting you either. Then it’s Panama Cardoon (a man who seems more determined than most to make me part with more money than I can afford on a Rane Industries product) with yet more genius party-starting Cumbia breaks in the shape of Charanguera. Voodoofunk whips everything up into a loco b-boy bpm frenzy and finally Dedy Dread is back with his best track in ages, the very sexy O Bananeiro. That’s ‘banana seller’ to you. You might as well get used to it it’s going to be the only fucking job around soon the economy’s tanking so fast. At least your redeployment will have a excellent soundtrack. Que e funky!
(Out now on Carnibal Records)

Not a typical Jamaican – Palov (Out now on Carnibal Records) by Palov (Palov and Mishkin)

Panama Cardoon – Charanguera (Out now on Carnibal Records) by Panama Cardoon

La culebra! by voodoofunk

DEDY DREAD – o bananeiro by dedy dread

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