UPTOWN FELAZ feat. MC KYLA: Now You Know (2015)

Now You Know Uptown Felaz MC Kyla[RATING: 5] Looks like Boca 45 isn’t the only one doing big-ass funk rock breaks at the moment. Step forward Uptown Felaz who employ a huge Larry Graham-ish bass riff, an original female vocal build-up (courtesy of MC Kyla) and a psych-rock breakdown to similarly devastating effect on Now You Know. And you will know. Other people who know stuff are remixers Mr Konfuze whose specialist topic seems to be 80s ‘Wild Style’ funk, Kid Panel – something of a speed disco fanatic and Jaffa Surfa who appears, inexplicably, to have spent much time researching house music. Konfuze knows good but the original knows best.
(Out 13 April on Nova Gain Records)

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