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TURNTILL: TCF Rock Riddim (Remixed) (2016)

TCF Rock Riddim Remixed TurntillBack last year aways, DJ Turntill of Swiss crew The Chosen Few set out to make a single reggae track. Remember that fact, it’s important – a single reggae track. However, being a musically well-connected sort (due to his label and crew The Chosen Few) one thing led to another and he ended up with no fewer than twenty different vocal versions of said riddim released as TCF Rock Riddim.

Fast forward to earlier this year and our man figures – what the hell – he might as well put it out for remix tender. Naturally finding twenty-plus different producers or production teams to rework each vocal version would be pushing your luck (not to mention a massive logistical arse-ache) but he still manages to rope in no fewer than eleven different production artists or teams including The Niceguys, Funkanizer, Rory Hoy and Timewarp Inc. to tweak the riddim for TCF Rock Riddim (Remixed). Which means it now exists in multiple dnb, dub and dancehall versions too. Blimey. Were there to be a winner it may well have to be Rory Hoy’s skanking re-version of the instrumental with early hip-hop stylings? Rock that riddim indeed! No high quality embeds yet so it’s all about the humble Juno player below.
(Out 20 May on The Chosen Few)

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