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TURNTILL & MERLIN: In & Out (2014) + video

In Out Turntill MerlinSwiss duo Turntill & Merlin of The Chosen Few crew return shortly with In & Out and the intention of making you shake it all about to their electro-disco breakin.’ They’ve not come alone though. Oh no. If you’re going to party, best to bring some chums right? On a remix mission yeah? Expect to find Krome on a nu-disco tip, Jayl Funk on a strangely 90s-sounding disco tip, Rory Hoy on a shameless boogie-disco tip and Pulpfusion wheel out the heavy synths. He doesn’t do disco. Alright, he does but only if it’s as nasty as disco can get. Also comes accompanied by the In & Out preview video on which we find another two of Turntill’s chums popping and locking and get insider’s view of Turntill’s ‘crib.’ Ikea Expedit shelves full of vinyl? Check. Adidas shoe boxes probably full of a spare pair of shelltoes? Check. Personalised stickers for your dj night? Check. Why – it’s almost like Monkeyboxing Towers! Just without all the semi-naked women…
(Out 27 June on The Chosen Few Records)

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