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TRU FUNK: Tasty Beats Vol. 3 (2014)

Tasty Beats Vol. 3 Tru Funk[RATING: 5] What with Tru Funk putting out so much stuff that the PR operation can’t keep up and the recent move of premises for Monkeyboxing Towers, it isn’t until now, half a month later (practically equivalent to a geological epoch in digital sales time), that there’s been time to post about this – Tasty Beats Vol. 3. Given the stiff competition among party breaks releases in the last month, it is ironic that this should wind up being written about last when it was the first released though it’s also entirely apposite since it is the best. In particular you’ll want this for three tracks: Tom Showtime‘s filthily brilliant G-Funky Gangsta Luv mash-up of Snoop and potty-mouthed femcee Khia “my neck, my back/ lick my pussy and my crack” (oh alright, go on then!), Phibes‘ ghetto-skanked up Missy Elliott and Blackstreet and another one of Discobeta‘s breakbeat monsters – in this case the Rose Royce-sampling, Chill Robb G vocal-toting Dope Noise which employs a super-phat break and rocks it like the ’89 b-boy sound of the Bronx incarnate. Dope Noise indeed! Play loud…
(Out now on Tru Funk)

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