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TRDMRK: Hands Up (Vinyl 7″) + video

TRDMRK:  Hands Up + video[RATING: 5] Anyone for a quick Q&A? Hands up who used to dj and produce for Jurassic 5 aside from Cut Chemist? Well done, yes, it was DJ Nu-Mark. Now, hands up who can name the person missing from this list of original Pharcyde members: Fatlip, Booty Brown and Imani. That’s right – Slimkid3. And a slightly harder one – hands up if you know the name of that guy who got the Guinness record for longest freestyle rap that time? Austin Antoine! Damn you’re good. And now Hands Up. No that’s not a request, it’s the name of the massive new single from TRDMRK a.k.a. Nu-Mark, Slimkid and Antoine. And its liable to get hands right up, though in more of a “wave ’em like you just don’t care” way than a “please sir, oohh, ask me, oohh I know,” one. Why? Maybe it’s the bedrock of the bleeps n piano-led boom-bap beat from Nu-Mark? Maybe it’s hearing two skilled MCs trading bars – or maybe it’s the fact that together you know it’ll slay ’em when the dj drops it. Video below. The single is available as a 45 and the full TRDMRK EP also drops tomorrow featuring guest spots from Dillon Cooper and Guilty Simpson. Youtube vid. is disabled to watch on anything except YT but check it HERE; check the humble Juno player below for an audio taster.
(Out now on Hot Plate Records)

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