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TOTALCULT: Nice Disco EP – 2011

UK-based nu/ ghetto funker Totalcult is back in the game less than two months since his Street Sounds EP with another EP – this time channeling Studio 54 and chock full of nu-disco stylings. Disco Call is all glittery dancefloor shimmy, Nice Disco is a wide-collared, unbuttoned-to-the-chest smooch in the shadows, (which Trotter’s remix drags into the eighties with spidery synth touches) but it’s Keep On Truckin’s grittier cocaine-fuelled fuck-in-the-toilets groove which really spins the glitterball. It’s exactly the sort of thing that would’ve got him past Steve Rubell’s doormen…
(Out 8 March 2011 on Royal Soul Records)
Disco Call EP (Released 8th March on Royal Soul Records) by tOtALcULt

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