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TOO MANY Ts: ‘1992’ video + remix competition (2013)

[RATING: 5] Strutting round lighting cigars off wads of bank notes, and bragging about how great they are? Contrary to expectations, not a bunch of braying investment bankers from the city but rather a pair who are inevitably going to end up being called the UK Beastie Boys. I say ‘end up’ – they already have been – though not by the monkey. It’s Too Many Ts of course – never strangers to straight-up party hip-hop and this video to ‘1992’ is more dopeness. Not that these two were much more than embryos in 1992, if indeed they were around at all, but I’d say say that the presence of the fat breaks, fuzzy guitars and tag team rhyming indicate that the mums involved must have been listening to Check Your Head. It all sounds perfectly well executed to me but just in case you’re some sort of musical Gok Wan and feel it requires a makeover are running a remix comp, You can collect your stems HERE. Make sure you get your shit together before 17 May though…

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