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TONY JOE WHITE: Polk Salad Annie (Mr Bristow remix)(2014) Free download + Mr Bristow Ramp Show ‘Booty Bonanza’ mix

Polk Salad Annie Mr Bristow remix[RATING: 5] The second of today’s funk-soul rerubs is this hip-hop-scratch-funk-swamp-blues monster take on Tony Joe White’s 1970 hit Polk Salad Annie. Polk salad is traditional southern salad made out of the local pokeroot plant – which has a bit of a kick to it. And when I say ‘bit of a kick to it’, I mean super toxic and requires a stringent cooking process to render safe. Talking of a kick to it, this now has the mother of all kickdrums after the minute long breakbeat intro. Apparently Mr Bristow hawked this around and no-one was interested. A few record companies need to take themselves outside and have sharp word with themselves. Cop it below (along with Mr B’s Ramp Show Booty Bonanza mix) and don’t forget to thank the man…

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