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TOM SHOWTIME: Jazz Biscuits EP (2014)

Jazz Biscuits Tom ShowtimeThe lights dim, the curtains part and Tom Showtime‘s there cutting up the jazz loops amid crisp beats and a cloud of herbal smoke. Why – it’s the mostly instro-hop Jazz Biscuits EP, which consists of four cuts off his Oz-only released debut Jam Thief LP! The title track and the next two recall the heady days of nineties blunted beats which means we’re in Dope On Plastic (or at least dope-on-digital) territory whilst closer Spaces & Places is a more thoughtful electronically-infused affair featuring rappers Lotek, Ash One and Blackalicious’s Gift Of Gab no less. You’ll notice that Gab actually opens his sixteen bars by namechecking ‘Tommy Showtime’ from which you’ll deduce that, yes, this is an original vocal. From the USA to down Melbourne way…
(Out now on Tru:Funk)

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