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TOM DRUMMOND: Rock The Rhythm EP (BBP045) (2012)

Oz beat fiend Tom Drummond’s latest is the Rock The Rhythm EP on which he delivers four cuts that buck current ghetto funk trends by daring to venture into the sub-120 bpm arena. Below 120 bpm? Good god – you might as well be sat down for that right? If your answer’s ‘yes’ then think again as TD turns Tags’ obscure psych-funk version of Get Out My Life Woman into a 105 bpm funky breaks bump and unites it with a dash of Jurassic 5’s Unified Rebelution. He’s even included some wobbly bottom end on it to keep the kids happy. Mind you said bottom end pales besides the farty-bassed minimalism of Drop It On The Plastic which comes decorated with equally minimal Monie Love-esque vocals from singer/producer hottie Afrodite. Not sure if he’s referencing Mantronix on mellow cut King Of The Beats but things go ghetto disco for the finale with You Know It. And you do know it. I know it too. So that’s both of us. Be a love and buy it on vinyl.
(Out 26 March on Breakbeat Paradise)

BBP045 Preview by Tom Drummond

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