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TIMEWARP: Diskocutz: The Album (2015)

The Album Timewarp DiskocutzTimewarp Music‘s main-man in his Timewarp (as opposed to Timewarp Inc.) guise, puts all four to the floor once more here with latest LP Diskocutz: The Album. And if you’re expecting anything other than nu-disco antics from an album with a title like that, from a man with this man’s past form, then there’s no hope for you. That said, things start off in a rather relaxed manner for disco with the appropriately named Skunky. Pungent weed is hardly the usual drug of choice for mirrorball culture though and sure enough things soon become more pumpingly white-powder dusted with the positively throbbing Moments. Other uptempo, adventures include the organ-fuelled Afrofunk, the practically house-y CHK, the Diskoteka edit of To The Bone and well, almost all the rest of this thirteen-strong collection – as you might expect – though CO2 provides a sideways excursion into the chill-out territory of dub-flavoured disco. Special mention also has to made of an album highlight Discolicious which effortlessly takes the award for most Donna Summer-like beat of the LP.
(Out now on Kraak Records)

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