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THE THIRD DEGREE: Mercy – 2009 – Single review

Mm. The Third Degree. And doesn’t it just feel like it? In its head this Duffy cover attempts to rectify the outrages perpetrated in the name of soul by the music industry in general and someone who thinks there is kudos in advertising Diet Coke in particular. Here, all stops are pulled out to make Mercy sound like it was recorded in 1968 by a male soul vocalist along the lines of Lou Rawls with full horn-accompaniment – and they achieve all that with bells on. But it’s the song equivalent of the world’s most perfect video cassette recorder. Nobody’s fucking interested any more. I would give it 3 or higher for sheer authenticity brownie points alone but I’m not fucking interested any more. And Duffy’s vocal melody is actually better. And, before you start, this would’ve have gone up sooner but I’ve been on holiday.
(Out now on Tri-Sound)

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