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THEE MARLOES: Midnight Hotline b/w Beri Cinta Waktu (Vinyl 7″)

Hailing from Surabaya, the latest signings to Big Crown Records are Indonesian outfit Thee Marloes and they’re going large with debut 45 Midnight Hotline backed with Beri Cinta Waktu. The former is a midtempo dancefloor number turning on a funky rhythm layered with electric piano and plenty of horns while the sweet soul vocals of singer Natassya regale the listener with a narrative about some late night lovin’. Said lovin’ must have been pretty memorable since the song’s hook finds her divulging her own number to anyone listening with a cavalier disregard for personal privacy – “Put my number in your memory/ Double-0 679, make a midnight hotline!” Hold on a second. Either phone numbers in Indo (pop. 277,749,853) are considerably shorter than in, say, the UK (pop. 68,138,484) – unlikely – or she’s taking the mick. Still, there’s plenty of time to ponder which it is as you check out Beri Cinta Waktu on the flip. That’s ‘Give Love Time’ in case you couldn’t be bothered to use Googletranslate. Says here it’s, “a beautiful love ballad that takes its time and uses space beautifully. Sung in Indonesian over a stripped back track of hand drums, electric piano, and guitar chanks, Natassya’s show stopping performance conveys emotion that transcends any language barrier.” I wouldn’t know as the label’s keeping audio under wraps for now though. Video of that one now out – check it below!
(Out 5 June on Big Crown Records)

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