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THE WORLDSTYLERS: Kosher Beat (2013)

With a title like Kosher Beat – there was clear potential for The Worldstylers (Savages Y Suefo in their more energetic funky breaks disguise) to pack this EP with Only Fools And Horses vocal samples. Despite inexplicably passing over such an opportunity, the boys from Budapest still supply the real dope in the form of the sort of funky breaks The Wiseguys might have made if they’d had a penchant for world music rather than soul and sixties psychedelia. And that’s no bad thing. Kosher Beat clatters along with a Klezmer-ish motif while the doper Roller Low, rolls – er – low with bongos, breaks, Balkan strings and effortless cool. On a remix tip, Qdup supplies synth abrasiveness to the first of these while Quincy Jointz’ rerub of the second trap vies with the original for best track. Sadly no Del Boy there either though…
(Out 20 November on MustBeat)

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