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THE TIBBS: Another Shot Fired (Vinyl 7″) + video

THE TIBBS:  Another Shot Fired (Vinyl 7The Tibbs return with a new single that is also the title track from their second LP, Another Shot Fired, released back in the autumn. It’s an uptempo reggae-tinged soul affair, ably-helmed by new singer Roxanne Hartog who replaces Elsa Bekman and is well up to conveying the sort of romantic sorties explored in the lyrics. But how to represent such goings-on in audio visual format? Well, Holland is famously a home of café culture so it’s only natural such establishments provide the backdrop as Hartog prepares to get out her love guns. Minds out of the gutter please! She’s only miming letting loose with a pair of Colt 45s while singing about a romantic arsenal which mainly seems to include lips, fingertips and a host of predatory metaphors of both an animalistic and supernatural variety. Be warned, the wax is limited.
(Out 30 April on Record Kicks)

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