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THE SCRIBES: ‘Heart Breaks’ (prod. ASTRO SNARE) video + ‘Wash’ video

Scribes Heart Breaks videoLike the song says, breaking up is hard to do and we all know music helps with the pain which is indubitably why it’s such fertile ground for songwriters. Enter The Scribes with their own break-up cut, Heart Breaks off their Totem Trilogy Part 1 EP. Can they get a beat – or even some heart ‘breaks’ (thank you, I’m here all week!)? Oh hello, Astro Snare, thanks for stepping up, yes boom-bap please, a piano motif and maybe some emotive female soul loops in the background? Nice one. Now – and not for the first time today on MB – we could use a video – this one filmed pre-lockdown. How about Scribes in one of their living rooms – record on a turntable in the foreground in focus; the boys in the background out of focus – you know to suggest the viewer is misty-eyed with tears. Sniff – yep – that should do it. Want more Scribes on video? Check Wash. Ooh – topical – does it involve sanitizing gel? No it doesn’t – but there is a lot of soap and water since this one was filmed during lockdown. And fuck singing Happy birthday twice through – Ill Literate’s prancing around in front of those taps for nearly three minutes. Mind you – that’s possibly to do with the fact that he’s got an extended metaphor to get through. Don’t forget to wash those hands now. We don’t want a second wave!

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