THE SCRIBES: Blood In Your Eyes (2015)

Blood In Your Eyes The Scribes[RATING: 5] “Stay on the road…keep clear of the moors” – sound advice issued a generation ago now – so what manner of men would ignore it when there’s something hairy on the loose in darkest Devon? Why UK party hip-hop outfit and signings to Dizzee Dustin’s Kamikazi Airlines label The Scribes of course who ventured, in the face of all common sense, into the wilds of Britain to check out rumours of a, ‘hip-hop gorilla.’ Along they way they managed to rustle up the lead single for their new LP A Story All About How entitled Blood In Your Eyes – their most pop-savvy bump to date as tight verse vies with filtered guitars, uptempo beats and strings and a sung hook for the attention. Better than having your throat torn out by something with big teeth and a baseball hat worn sideways, I think you’ll agree. Vid below.
(Out now HERE)

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