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THE PRODIGY: Re-Poison (MR RICH & THE CARETAKER edit) (2015) Free download

Poison Mr Rich CaretakerFrankly I’m surprised this hasn’t been done already although maybe it has and the monkey’s just not bleeding edge enough. Either way, Mr Rich & Caretaker swing by Liam Howlett’s back catalogue in their remix overalls and give one of the monkey’s favourite Prodigy tracks a freshen up. Still recognisable, it now gets going a bit quicker, it’s a bit faster and they’ve chopped it up a bit. Whatever would Liam say? Hey Liam – Mr Rich & Caretaker are on the phone for you.
“(Tut) I’m trying to write this fucking choon man.”
Oohh – such venom. Don’t worry – if you’ve got the poison, a free download of this might be the remedy. Cop it below…

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