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THE PIONEERS: Jump Up! (Vinyl 7″)

Original Gravity main man Neil Anderson is a bit excited about the label’s forthcoming new 45 – as well he might be. Why? Because it’s only a brand new track by reggae pioneers – er – The Pioneers. Say what now!? The Long Shot Kick De Bucket/ Trouble Deh A Bush Pioneers?! The very same – and sounding like no time has passed whatsoever on Anderson’s Jump Up! riddim. The track sounds like it could’ve been turned out in ’68 just as rocksteady was morphing into reggae and constitutes nothing less than an exhortation to, well, jump up and dance to that reggay reggay sound. Over on the flip, Prince Deadly delivers Jump Up Dub! for those enjoying the ‘erb and too far gone to move.
(Pre-order now/ Shipping December on Original Gravity Records)

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