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THE NICEGUYS: Hacienda Funk

THE NICEGUYS:  Hacienda FunkPossibly figuring that an EP entitled That Ass might send out the wrong kind of message in these times of renewed enquiry into gender politics, The Niceguys (or Bombstrikes) have plumped for sort of naming it after the ‘other’ track Valley Hacienda. And if Hacienda Funk possibly conjures madcap ‘Madchester’-style fun for a few aging musos (which this release definitely does not provide), it does at least nail the summery vibe of the two tracks on offer. As for the funk – well That Ass provides funky party breaks thrills in spades with a relaxed bass-heavy 100bpm groove that plaits together fat 80s funk synths, Claptonesque guitar and crunky vocal hooks. Valley Hacienda is equally summery but altogether more Ibiza, to the point of having what some might term a house beat. Which means it’s all about That Ass this time around.
(Out 14 September on Bombstrikes)

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