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Therapy New MastersoundsIt’s another new New Mastersounds studio LP already! That’s the third in the last four years for the Leeds-based UK funk and jazz act not to mention the ninth studio album overall! That’s going some. It’s almost like the band are trying to make a living out of music. How quaint. But we digress. How does Therapy (for so it is called) present itself? Let’s sit it in the couch and see what it has to say for itself…

Monkeyboxing (MB): Tell me how you feel.
Therapy (T): Quite jazzy, if you want to know the truth.
MB: Jazzy…?
T: Yes. In several ways really. A bit Lalo Schifrin – like on Detox, a bit mid-sixties Blue Note on Morning Fly and a bit ‘Jazzers On The Storm’ (or perhaps that should be ‘Riders On The Jazz’) on Stop This Game. Though that does go a bit dub reggae after the bridge.
MB: Dub reggae? You sound, forgive me, as if there are several personalities inside you…
T: Yeahhhh. The dub one’s a minor one though. To be honest, we – er, sorry – I mean ‘I’, don’t know where the fuck that one came from.
MB: I quite liked it, perhaps as a separate song though, but I’ve interrupted you – please continue…
T: Well, one thing that concerns me is that I also come over a bit jazz-house, like on When It Rains
MB: Jazz-house? Christ!
T: Is that what you call professional detachment?
MB: Er, no, sorry, please continue.
T: Well, I go a bit neo-soul too, on I Want You To Say
MB: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Do you want to tell me a bit more?
T: Er – it’s got Kim Dawson on vocals but to be honest the JB/ Lyn Collins-influenced Soul Sista that she also appears on is much better. Anyway, I’m getting some other people to work on I Want You To Stay.
MB: ‘Other people’?
T: Remixers.
MB: Oh right – yes they can be quite helpful can’t they? Sometimes anyway. Anything else you want to get off your chest?
T: I’ve got a Bruno Mars cover too – Treasure
MB: I see, oh dear, well don’t beat yourself up about it. What do you feel are your strongest points?
T: Oh that’s easy – I like the way I start off – all mad uptempo breaks and psychedelic guitar on Old Man Noises. I like to think the guitar is a bit Hendrix-y in fact. Then there’s my hammond-funk second track. I mean it’s a got a bit of Grant Green/ George Benson-ish guitar on it but it basically kicks funky ass. I like the Lalo Schifrin Detox effort too that I mentioned earlier too and I really like the Herbie Hancock vibe of the Whistle Song too.
MB: Can you describe that to us?
T: Er – well actually it’s sort of half Bring Down The Birds with a bit of whistling on it (cool though, not like Roger fucking Whittaker or something) and half Cissy Strut. But there’s no whistling on those parts.
MB: Oh yeah, I know, I liked that a lot. Not just the whistling – the whole thing. And that Cissy Strut part…
T: Ah well, if you like that you’ll be impressed with Monday Meters then?
MB: Oh yeah – that fat fucking Meters pastiche! I love that. Total fire.
T: Yeah. Do you think this reverse therapy thing is working? How did it make you feel to be ‘in charge’ as it were?
MB: Um…
T: Come on, here you go, back up on the couch and let’s try and get to the root of the reason that jazz-funk and house music bothers you so much…
MB: It’s not all jazz-funk! I love Blue Note stuff from the sixties! House though…

I’m afraid the interview recording stopped there but I think we can agree it was fairly revealing nonetheless. Players below.
(Out now on Legere Recordings)

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