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THE MIGHTY MOCAMBOS: International Cypher (Vinyl 7″)

THE MIGHTY MOCAMBOS: International CypherCatch this one yet? The Mighty Mocambos’ new vinyl 7″ is International Cypher a.k.a. three and a half minutes of uptempo instrumental funk with a Thai flavour (hence the name) through it’s use of an electric phin – that’ll be a guitar-like Thai stringed instrument if you didn’t know. The flip is entitled Queen 16 Theme and is arguably an even more breaker-friendly slab of funk created as it was (like the A-side) for a b-girls-only festival – last year’s Queen 16 B-Girl Battle in Berlin. Coincidentally, it turns out this release is also the fiftieth single on Rocafort Records who have amassed an impressive discography of new and vintage funk, Latin, soul, jazz and R&B. Plenty to celebrate here then!
(Out now on Rocafort Records)

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