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THE LIBRARY MUSIC FILM: Indiegogo campaign (2016)

Shawn Lee Library Music FilmProducer, multi-instrumentalist and library music fanatic Shawn Lee has decided that library music – aka the soundtrack to the TV programmes of your youth (if you were a 60s, 70s and 80s kid) – hasn’t had enough love and what better way to show some than by making a documentary about the genre – The Library Music Film? Library music? Yeah – you know the sort of thing – like The Mohawk’s Champ – one of the most heavily-sampled tracks in hip-hop! The sort of thing that informs the sound of Skeewiff and Shawn Lee’s own music! The sort of hammond organs and funky breaks that soundtracked everything from car chases to – er – Grange Hill back in the day!

Clearly aware that such a project might lack the crowd-pulling appeal of two men wearing capes with pants over their tights, Lee (along with Paul Elliott and fellow filmmaker Sean Lamberth) has ensured that there is a stellar cast of interviewees. Brace yourself, therefore, to witness the likes of Alan Hawkshaw, Keith Mansfield, Fatboy Slim, Barbara Moore, Skeewiff, Jazzman Gerald, Mark Rae, Tim Love Lee and David Quantick plus representatives from Strut Records, DeWolfe Music, and Warner Chappell as well as Shawn Lee himself holding forth on the subject.

But, in these risk-averse days of the unnecessary reboot and the plotless CGI-fest what chance has a documentary of getting funding? Well, this is where you come in because an Indiegogo campaign has been set up HERE. Promo vid. below…

The Library Music Film – IndieGoGo Pitch 3min from HutTwenty9 on Vimeo.

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