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THE LIBRARY MUSIC FILM: Extended Teaser (2017)

LIBRARY MUSIC FILM:  Extended Teaser (2017)Those MB readers with a good ear for samples (not to mention a penchant for using them) may remember news last year of a fundraising campaign to finance multi-instrumentalist Shawn Lee’s labour-of-love documentary film about library music entitled – perhaps unsurprisingly – The Library Music Film. Clearly a staggering number of people have the excellent taste to have contributed to the project for it is now nearing completion. The filming, which had begun even before the fundraiser started, is nearing the end of marathon two-year stint that has seen the makers travel from London to Paris to California, lock down no less than fifty interviews and listen to around a thousand library music LPs. Now it’s all about the post-production process which is approximately half way done.

Expect to see and hear from an all-star cast including library music legends Alan ‘Champ’ Hawkshaw, Keith ‘Funky Fanfare’ Mansfield and Barbara ‘Hot Heels’ Moore along with library music movers, shakers and sample takers Jazzman Gerald, Fatboy Slim, Cut Chemist, Mark Rae, DJ Format, Tim Love Lee, Adrian Younge, Ugly Duckling’s Young Einstein, David Quantick and Matt ‘Steven can you hear me?’ Berry in what promises to be must-see experience for anyone with a funky soul. The film is a Hut Twenty9 project with support from, produced by Shawn Lee and directed by Paul Elliott and Sean Lamberth. Check The Library Music Film extended Teaser trailer below…

The Library Music Film – Extended Teaser from HutTwenty9 on Vimeo.

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