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THE IN SOUND COMPANY: Silk And Gunpowder/Our Tin Can Rocket (Vinyl 7″)

THE IN SOUND COMPANY: Silk And GunpowderThe latest addition to the mounting body of superb psychedelia coming out of Markey Funk’s Delights label is this new vinyl 7″ from The In Sound Company – and you know that ‘in sound’ is ‘wayyyy out’. The single is another collab. between Markey himself and RPS Surfers’ Shay Landa (like last year’s Oregano single ) with Silk And Gunpowder as the A-side. This turns out to be a guitar-led slab of crunchy psych-funk featuring a kanun (lending it a distinctively Eastern air) and Markey’s Polivoks keyboard layering the mood. On the other side you get Our Tin Can Rocket. This is a faster, funkier and atmospherically lighter affair that would be perfectly suited to, say, Flash Gordon being triumphant against Ming The Merciless in the lurid skies of Mongo – were Columbia Pictures ever visionary enough to invite Markey’s label to redo the soundtrack for a re-release.
(Out 25 March on Delights)

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