THE HERBALISER: There Were Seven – Remixes (2014)

There Were Seven Remixes The HerbaliserLegendary UK stoner hip-hop producers The Herbaliser were last heard of in 2012 when they re-surfaced four years on from their previous full-length effort with the There Were Seven LP to remind everyone they were still – like – making music. Man. Obviously with such a ‘less haste, more weed’ approach to production you can’t expect them to go around rushing out a remix album straight away and so it is only now, another two years down the line that the There Were Seven Remixes finally appears.

That’ll be fifteen remixes then from the likes of fellow old school ‘trip-hop’ luminaries such as T Power, tru-school outfits like Soundsci, German ‘cinematic breaks’ royalty like Hugo Kant and premium horn blowers, the Renegade Brass Band, who all stay true to the hazy ganja beats vibe though, of course, the stylistic net is cast wider than on the original LP. Such is only to be expected from a remix album. A further 8 instro cuts are also included. Props to G Bonson, Lopez and Hugo Kant for switching it up most successfully with uptempo jazz-hop, sinister electro and horrorcore takes on their chosen originals respectively. You’ll find a Lopez and T Power track below – and the humble Juno player for the whole LP…
(Out 30 June on Department H)

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