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THE HAWKMEN: Hotrod N Soul EP (Vinyl 7″)

THE HAWKMEN:  Hotrod N Soul EP[RATING: 5] Purveyors of a northern soul, early sixties R&B and rockabilly fusion, The Hawkmen have named their new 45 EP, Hotrod N Soul, after that very musical concoction – a mixture so potent you could use it to fuel a dragster. And leading the field of tracks on this one is Bonnie & Clyde, a shuffling groove punctuated by chanking guitar with singer Scarlett reflecting on choosing an outlaw path and a life of crime. Breathing down its neck however are a Latin soul cover of late fifties classic Tequila and Hawkmen Stomp, a brassy R&B – er – stomper which comes complete with Tokyo-shot video of all manner of Japanese retro tribes dancing to it in a club. Facebook gold! Check the videos below and don’t forget to grab a slice of that action on wax.
(Out now on Greystone Records)

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