THE GRITS: Make A Sound (Like James Brown)/ Yeah No (2013)

The Grits have a new 45 out and it’s called Make A Sound (Like James Brown). And we all know what that means, right? Owwwwww! Good god! Hah! Let me hear it now! Huh! Do it! Funk-y! Uhh! That’s right – it means gritty, psychedelic funk and vocalist Sophie Adler Mckean is on hand again to give the music invented by the late, great JB a swinging London vibe. Appropriately enough we wait until the band take it to the bridge before we hear our Soph let rip her best grunts into the mic though. Over on the flip, trippy psychedelic wig-out Yeah No is lying under the bridge watching the walls melt into the river and having an in-depth conversation with it’s own reflection.
(Out 17 June on Hamhock Records)

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