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THE GREEN FUTURE: Electrified Rock (2014)

Electrified Rock Green Future[RATING:5] Back in the day Italian outfit The Green Future (a.k.a The Green Future Orchestra) covered a load of ‘famous rock n roll’ hits on an LP, perhaps unsurprisingly titled Famous Rock N Roll Hits, which featured dodgy instro hammond covers of things like Rock Around The Clock and Tutti Frutti. In amongst these though was bona fide hammond/horns funk bomb Electrified Rock. Imagine the sort of tune an ice cream van staffed by The Mohawks and King Curtis would play and you’ll have some idea of the what this sounds like. I’d buy 99 flavours of stuff like this all day every day. Happily there’s some latin flute action on the flip. Players below…
(Out now on Venice Records)

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