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THE GOOD PEOPLE: Think Twice/ The Theory (feat. Spectac) (2012)

More quality from the Blunted Astronaut label here as they continue to keep the true school sound alive in the shape of a 45 from NY hip-hop duo The Good People – or rapper/ producer Saint and MC Emskee to you. The pair get their ATCQ on with the jazz samples and substantial low end of B-side The Theory (see what I did there?) exhorting their audience to listen to real music. Like theirs, for example. They’ve got a point – it is pretty good. Mind you – the heavier, denser, soul-hook primed (but still Native Tongues-ish) A-side Think Twice is even better and it’s on here that the duo advise careful reflection before committing your self to stuff (like music biz contracts for example) though presumably they’d prefer you to throw caution to the winds when it comes to getting yourself a copy of this seven. Not that you’ll need much convincing. And you’ve got plenty of time to anticipate it.
(Out 20 August 2012)

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