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THE ENTICEMENTS: It Ain’t Cheatin If You Mean It (2013)

[RATING: 5] Josh Preston is musician, producer, co-owner of Me & The Machine Records and The Enticements is his project. They have delivered (as far as I can make out) precisely one single to date – It Ain’t Cheatin If You Mean It. While that’s a sentiment liable to go down like a lead balloon with most partners in long-term sexual relationships, it’s a song liable to go down like a nympho pornstar with everyone. The phrase ‘sweet Jackson 5-style Motown-funk bomb’ was made for songs like this – fatback drums, ‘pick-pick-pick’ funk guitar, falsetto vocal and a timelessly cheeky hook. Sometimes people get things so right. Is the end of March too early to call funk single of the year?

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  1. Rock that Funk my man and bring it home. My cousin is all that and then some in the studio believe it. And to see/her him live is just an added treat thumbs up for funk record of the decade in my opinion.

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