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THE DOPPELGANGAZ: ‘On The Rag’ video (2013)

How about some crunchy underground NY boom-bap? Yeah? Meet The Doppelgangaz who are shortly to drop third studio LP Hark off which this is the first single. According to rappers EP and Matter Ov Fact, the title On The Rag refers, in audio engineering terms, to, “pushing the levels into the red…It also symbolizes going all out in whatever you do in life. Often times people will tell you there is a limit, but you keep that level on the rag, mami.” Curious how phrases can contain the same words yet have utterly different meanings on this side of the pond isn’t it? The video contains skaters and bmxers on a ramp. And starts off with a bit of blob. I mean blood. Appropriately. Must go, the painters are coming…

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