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THE CAPTAIN: Run (Moby vs. Wu-Tang Clan) (2014) Free download

Run Moby WTC The CaptainDespite the embarrassing publicity of the Costa Concordia incident, there are still Italian captains more than capable of piloting a reliable course. Once such is – er – The Captain who, here, hits upon the conceit of making a match between the one of hip-hop’s greatest storytellers, Ghostface Killah, with one of electronica’s baldes- I mean blues-iest, producers – Moby. With Run he safely charts a course straight for the dancefloor – and even goes so far as to issue set positioning for the track, “in…hip hop sets…[possibly no surprises there]…or after Drum & Bass” – presumably as some sort of cathartic release after all that hectic shit. Cop it below and join the Captain at his dj table…

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