THE BREAKBEAT JUNKIE vs DJP : For Promotional Use Only

THE BREAKBEAT JUNKIE vs DJP :  For Promotional Use OnlyFor Promotional Use Only? Yes, it’s just The Breakbeat Junkie vs DJP’s little joke as they return to the party breaks scene after a lengthy period AWOL with a no-messin’ trio of disco-tinged mashups. Currently digital-only (but don’t be surprised if a ltd. 7″ or – who knows – even the traditional disco 12″ eventually manifests itself), the release finds our heroes begin proceedings by kicking in the beat of a certain 90s house chanteuse and rehabilitating her vocals with a dash of Beethoven. They follow this by reworking one of the acts most responsible for killing off boom-bap in the noughties – though the pumping edit here actually comes from the source outfit’s career before they committed their heinous crime. The final cut House Your Body also lifts directly from hip-hop – this time from the Native Tongues collective’s men-most-liable-to-dabble-in-house – though the results have more what you might call a nu-disco thump not to mention a bit of added love sensation. Destined for more than promotional use, one suspects…
(Out now HERE)

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