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THE BONGOLIAN: Harlem Hipshake + video

THE BONGOLIAN:  Harlem Hipshake[RATING: 5] When The Bongolian’s most recent LP, Harlem Hipshake, arrived last autumn it was quite obviously a goldmine for singles. By some way the monkey’s favourite Bongolian LP ever, it channels the funky Latin sounds of late 60s/ early 70s sound of New York and few tracks more magnificently than the title track. This monster begins with just the faintest shades of Pete Rodriguez’s I Like It Like That or Ralph Robles’ Taking Over about it but soon becomes an altogether more epic and sweeping Mongo Santamaria-ish type affair with heavy heavy, funk drums. How to convey such essential dancefloor material via an audio visual medium though? Why – with a psychedelic video featuring the hip-shaking gyrations of burlesque dancer,‘the sensational Roxy Storm,’ of course!
(Out now on Blow Up Records)

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