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THE BONGOLIAN: Harlem Hipshake + video

[RATING: 5] When The Bongolian’s most recent LP, Harlem Hipshake, arrived last autumn it was quite obviously a goldmine for singles. By some way the

THE BONGOLIAN: Harlem Hipshake

[RATING: 5] Looks like everyone’s been saving up all their album-length dope for the end of the year because here’s another spectacular long-playing autumn release

THE BONGOLIAN: Flatfoot Hustle

Ahead of The Bongolian’s sixth studio album, Harlem Hipshake, comes the video for LP track Flatfoot Hustle the first evidence of the Latin-percussive delights to

THE BONGOLIAN: Googa Mama (2016)

Gloriously euphoric retro organ riffs, soul-boogaloo breaks and bongos? Sounds like Winner-era Big Boss Man! Hardly surprising really given that The Bongolian (a.k.a. multi-instrumentalist Nasser

THE BONGOLIAN: Moog Maximus (2016)

It’s surprising how long it’s been since the last Bongolian LP – four years since the Lost In Sound collaboration with Fay Hallam and five

THE BONGOLIAN: Bongos For Beatniks (2011)

If The Incredible Bongo Band were British and had formed in the late sixties instead of the early seventies…they still wouldn’t have sounded like this.