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THE BAMBOOS feat. J-LIVE: Broken + lyric video

THE BAMBOOS feat. J-LIVE: Broken + lyric video News of the debut single, Lit Up, off The Bamboos’ forthcoming eighth studio LP Night Time People certainly lit up MB social media (contrary to what is still shown by the flaky MB ‘Like’ widget on post) and second single, Broken, is all set to do the same with an appearance from veteran emcee J-Live. Full of crossover appeal, Live holds forth about the hard times of mental illness and never giving up over rolling, piano-led funk while the formidable Kylie Auldist supplies a soaring singalong, phones-in-the-air hook. How to represent this in lyric video format though? Hmm – need pictures and words, why not an animated comic strip? What do you mean they need a gimmick? How about two further versions (and videos) of the track – first with Sydney MC Urthboy substituted for J-Live and then with German MC Teesy substituted for J-Live? Yep – that ought to do it.
(Out now (J-Live version)/ 8 June (Urthboy version)/ 15 June (Teesy version))

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