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THE ALLERGIES: Sometimes I Wonder

THE ALLERGIES:  Sometimes I WonderBristol’s The Allergies have of late been experimenting with their sonic palette in the lead up to their next LP. We’ve had the Latin breakbeat-powered Vamonos featuring Andy C and Marietta Smith back in the summer, house-afrobeat crossover Hypnotise and now latest effort, Sometimes I Wonder. You sometimes wonder too don’t you? You wonder where those Allergies boys will take things next? Well, in this case it’s off to the cinematic side of things with a gorgeously languid bit of big band cinematic breaks drenched in strings, horns, a Wurlitzer and blues diva vocal loops. Kind of like – oohh, I dunno – David Holmes meeting Moby and doing a 90s-by-way-of-the-60s theme for the end of a Bond flick in which an Aston Martin DB5 accelerates into the sunset down the shore of Lake Garda. Shuperb, as Sean Connery might have said.
(Out now on Jalapeno Records)

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