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‘TEAR THE ROOF OFF: The Untold Story Of Parliament/ Funkadelic’ – Documentary (2016)

documentary-parliament-funkadelic-tear-the-roof-offParliament/ Funkadelic live shows were legendary for being wild and crazy events – as you might have guessed from the music, lyrics and album covers. But what was life like behind the scenes of the legendary funk collective – just the same? Wilder? Or maybe it was all a bit pipe and slippers? Wonder no longer as award-winning documentary maker Bobby J Brown unlifts the veil on the funk with his hour long flick Tear The Roof Off: The Untold Story Of Parliament/ Funkadelic at 18.30 on 10 November at the 3rd Annual Doc N Roll Film Festival (see what they did there?) hosted in London this year.

If the trailer is anything to go by – life behind the scenes featured all the excesses you’d hope for and quite a few that you wouldn’t. Get further info on the festival and book tickets HERE. Trailer below…

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