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AESOP ROCK: Rings (2016)

Rings Aesop RockIndie hip-hop king, Aesop Rock is back shortly with new LP The Impossible Kid. Out already though is the video for album cut Rings – all lurching Def Jux-ish drums, synths and lyrical reflection that perhaps Aesop shouldn’t have put his artwork on the back burner. How to reflect that in video form though? How about having Rock stumble across a ‘missing’ poster for himself in a nightime street and then get bonneted while looking at it. Oops – that’s torn it. Blood everywhere. Let’s take him to hospital and cut the bastard open. Blimey, his insides are like a tiny dolls’ art studio populated by a matchstick artist and a weird tunnelling pencil-shaving parasite. Why – it’s enough to make you vomit up brushes and tubes of paint! The Impossible Kid is out on April 29th on Rhymesayers. Check vid. below…

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