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FREEDUST: Take Me There/ Beleedat

FREEDUST:  Beleedat[RATING: 5] How to describe new Freedust singles, Take Me There and Beleedat, both international affairs on which Italian producer Daniele Carmosino deploys Barcelona-based singer Saphie Wells and Puerto Rican rapper Bardo respectively? Turns out, ‘pretty damn dope’ will suffice. Take Me There is a sultry summer anthem that floats along on a funky rhythm with orchestral elements recalling both Bebel Gilberto and Minnie Riperton as it does so. ‘Beleedat’ is no less anthemic evident straight away from the hip-twitching double bass climbdown-style bassline that the thing opens with. Couple that with Bardo’s effortless baritone flow and the wah-wah trumpet which follows the bassline on the hook and it’s another summer banger – and you can believe that.
(Out now on Danca Records)

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