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BOUGEE BANDOLINI: Champion EagleLike breakbeat? Like dancehall? Like Steve Miller? Boy are you in luck for Bougee Bandolini have got you well and truly covered! Or at least remixers DiscObeta and Temponauts have got you covered with two remixes of Bandolini cut Champion Eagle. First up is the DiscObeta version which delivers a raucous Buju Banton vocal over a loose and grooving slab of breakbeat carved from Miller’s Fly Like An Eagle. Then it’s the turn of Temponauts who up the chillout quotient in a way Steve Miller Band’s original sixties incarnation (as opposed to the 70s The Joker incarnation) would appreciate by ditching Banton and prioritising Miller’s original vocal for mellow thrills. Completing the package is a different track by dOb (DiscObeat again, one presumes) & LGJ which is a spiritual cousin to the other two in that it employs a dancehall ‘pella (like the Discobeta one) but is aimed at the downtempo/ chillout crowd – like the Temponauts cut. As an added bonus, there are no lyrical snippets of anyone mentioning ‘space cowboys’ or being called ‘Mau-rice’…
(Out 18 January on Left Hand Lucy Recordings)

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