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DAYTONER: Remote Connections

[RATING: 5] Given the adverse global social conditions (at least physically) while Daytoner were attempting to write their second studio LP it’s perhaps not surprising

DAYTONER: Time (Vinyl 7″)

Cornish outfit Daytoner return at the end of the month with a new 45 single Time b/w Keep It Moving. As you might be able

DAYTONER: Off The Hook

[RATING: 5] It’s been a while since Sunburst Radio hasn’t it? You remember – the debut Daytoner full-length released back in 2012 when it was

DAYTONER: Best Of The Shedits Vol. 1 (2015)

[RATING: 5] Ah the Great British shed: flimsy wood panel structure par excellence, haven of the henpecked man, repository of forsworn spirits/ fags/ porn, dirty