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DAYTONER: Best Of The Shedits Vol. 1 (2015)

Best Of Shedits Daytoner[RATING: 5] Ah the Great British shed: flimsy wood panel structure par excellence, haven of the henpecked man, repository of forsworn spirits/ fags/ porn, dirty forks and filthy hoes and long a metaphor for anything of substandard performance and inferior quality. But no longer. Marvel as Daytoner (an inspiration to us all) brings forth the contents of his shed which doubles as a recording studio. And aside from the quality original work that he produces in said shed are also…the edits – henceforth known as ‘shedits’. And Best Of The Shedits (Vol. 1, at least) includes a freedom fanfare – no – I mean the Keith Dragons – no – I mean Soup Mansfield – no – oh bollocks, you get the picture – there’s also some smokin’ soul, a blissed-out rocksteady bump to make you jump and a massive rebooted Stevie Wonder. Nothing to get uptight about there then – everything is more than alright.
(Out 10 April on Cabin Pressure Recordings)

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