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RENEGADES OF JAZZ: Get A Wiggle On – Release details

Renegades Of Jazz (a.k.a. breakbeat duo Mash & Munkee’s David Hanke) once again tempers his perverted love for jazz scat-singing with a connoisseur’s choice of breakbeat and uplifting b-line. So good are they in fact that, once again, I found myself overlooking what would otherwise be some frankly unforgivable ‘do-be-doing.’ Not that ‘do-be-doing’ is ever forgivable of course, but couple some crisp percussion, ‘Animal’-off-The Muppets-style drum fills with an eminently hummable bass groove and you might even find yourself going over to the dark side. And when I say ‘dark side,’ I mean joining in with the scat loop like I just did while writing this. I can claim I was doing it ‘ironically’ to amuse my daughter though. What’s your excuse going to be? Comes accompanied by the equally classy Jitterbug and a brace of remixes – one of each track. Surely an album must follow? Wass Records boss Smoove a.k.a ‘Berry Geordie’ strikes another blow for the ‘northern jazz’ sound then. Press guff below Soundcloud player:
Get A Wiggle On by Renegades Of Jazz
(Out 28 February on Wass Records)
(PRESS RELEASE) After the greatly received Karabine EP, Renegades Of Jazz return with another storming limited 12” vinyl on Wass Records which is dedicated to a love of modern dance floor music and rich in a “Northern Jazz” sound. “Get A Wiggle On” hits hard with this tough breakbeat track fusing dusty brash samples, beautiful vocal hooks, vintage percussion and a deep double bass to an astonishing effect. Italian re-mixer/producer Suonho a.k.a. Tommaso Berardocco delivers a very slick New Orleans type, Disco remix of “Get A Wiggle On” with an infectious bass line hook. “Jitterbug” comes with more jazz vocal hooks throwing you back in time with some heavy drum action and funky bass lines firmly taking its place in the next generation of dance floor jazz. “Jitterbug” remix madness is created by Tim Mc Vicar (Wass Production Crew and bass player in Smoove & Turrell). Tim’s remix hits heavy with layers of Latin percussion and powerful synth bass lines to send the crowd into a frenzy!

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