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T BIRD & THE BREAKS: Somebody Had A Drinking Problem Last Night (2012) + video

Robert Jay once sang, “Alcohol oh alcohol, got to put you down/ Taken all my money, threw me on the ground.” Coincidentally, it’s this snippet of his classic heavy funk cut Alcohol that opens the video to T Bird & The Breaks‘ brand new single – sleazy roadhouse soul stomper “Somebody Had A Drinking Problem Last Night” – another song which conveys that ol’ love/hate relationship with the demon drink. “We got to kill it before…before it kills us”, T Bird rasps before continuing, “Get bent on whiskey, high on lust/ Talk trash to cops, take off our pants/ Grab a telephone pole and ask it to dance,” demonstrating both his lyrical prowess and an eerily familiar catalogue of behaviour. Don’t forget to join in raucously. And then slur ‘I fucking love you’ at everyone just before you puke on their feet. Download now for a ‘name your own donation’. At least give ’em the price of a shot. Record labels pull your finger out – you’re sleeping on this lot. Audio and video below.
(Out now – self-released)

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